Sunday, December 3

Are you face problem in sleep at night? Try these 3 vastu tips

In a stressful life, many people have problems of not sleeping at night. They have to face many troubles due to insomnia problem. Many people suffering from sleep apnea sleep with sleeping medicine. In such a situation, the drug also has a negative effect on their body. Some remedies have been given in Vastu Shastra to overcome this problem. These measures are as follows.

There should be no source of water in the bedroom

Keep in mind that there is no source of water above your bedroom. This causes negative energy in the house. Which causes insomnia.

Do not forget to keep these things in the bedroom

Some people keep electronic items such as TVs or computers in their bedroom. In Vastu it is considered as a defect. Don’t forget to keep these things in your bedroom. This can ruin your laughing and playing life.

The direction of the beds should be correct

Take care of the beds in your room. If your bed is placed in the wrong direction, it can also have a bad effect on your life. The bed should head towards the south.