Saturday, February 24

Hacking of smartphones is increasing trap, What are the ways to avoid them?

Smartphone has made its own place in people’s life. Usually people are connected with each other through this device. Also, people store essential photos, videos and documents in these devices. Along with being the most used, it is also targeted for hacking. Hackers exploit users by taking advantage of a mistake or inadvertence. Strict measures have to be taken by themselves to secure personal data. People are getting their phones hacked and ransom money is being demanded from them. Let’s know today what to do if the phone gets hacked and how you can keep your mobile safe.

Update the mobile operating system on time

If you also want to prevent your device from being hacked, you will have to update the operating system periodically. You can set notifications for the latest updates in your phone. At the same time, hackers on the other hand also constantly try to hack the old operating system.

Must set password on smartphone

Be sure to set a difficult password on your smartphone so that no one can access your phone. Always keep in mind that your password should be of eight to ten letters, in which a big letter and a small letter is necessary.

Do not use public Wi-Fi

Hackers are the most watched on public Wi-Fi. Therefore, as far as possible, only use mobile data for the Internet. Or if necessary, take a hots-pot from a friend.

Do not download apps from third party

Don’t forget to download the app from any third party. Many times the links of app downloading also come in messages, stay away from them. If you want to download the app, do it from the App Store or Play Store.

Use anti virus app

Although there is no special need for anti-virus in the phone, but keeping the anti-virus in mind, it has become necessary to keep the anti-virus. On the Play Store you will find AVG Free and Avast Free. Or you can spend money to buy anti virus of Norton or Kaspersky.

What to do if the phone is hacked?

As soon as you suspect that your phone has been hacked, first of all shut down the Internet. The second task is to delete any suspicious app appearing on your phone. Go to the file manager and check that there is no such file that you do not know. Delete it immediately. If money has been withdrawn from your bank account after hacking, contact your bank branch immediately. Make cyber police aware about hacking.