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Kids Room Vastu Tips: If you keep your children’s room, then they will get success in every work

According to Vastu Shastra, the children’s room in the house should be in the east, north or west direction. There should not be a children’s room in the south or igneous direction. The decoration of the children’s room should be good and the color in the room should be according to their auspicious color. Know how the children’s room is…

Curtain color

The color of the curtains should be dark.

Children’s bed

Children’s bed should be low.

Put children in this direction

Children’s head should be towards east and feet should be towards west. They will get better sleep by sleeping like this. It is necessary to get enough sleep for a healthy life.

Table and chair

There should be a table and chair on the north side of the bed.

How to study

While reading, the mouth of the child should be towards the east and the back should be towards the west.

Room lights

Children’s rooms should have full illumination. This brings positive energy to the room.

Take special care of pictures in children’s rooms

Special care should be taken of photographs in children’s rooms. Pictures in the room have a profound impact in children’s lives. Do not place violent photos in children’s rooms.

There should be an atmosphere of peace in the children’s room

There should be such arrangement in the children’s room that the noise in the house does not disturb them at all.

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