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Online Exam App – Quiz App For Teachers and Students

Overview of App

Web application platform for teachers and students where teachers can publish examination / quizzes and students can attend them online. Optionally admin can earn commission for providing service or if teachers doing them self can skip commission.

The platform will motivate students by allowing them to compare the result with other students. We will always try to bring the feature you request if we see it as an important one for a examination application. So don’t worry if you miss any minor feature.

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  • Question and answer can contain any rich content including images
  • Any number of answers can be added to a questions and any number questions can be added to the examination
  • Question can contain single choice or multiple choice answer
  • Import examination feature for importing from Excel sheets
  • Exam can contain pool of questions and randomly display fixed number of questions for attendees from the pool so every student will get unique set of questions
  • Subjects, Grades and Categories are configurable
  • Time based exam with running timer while attending the examination


  • Role based authentication. Shipped with three roles by default for Students, Teachers and Admin. If there is a need for additional role such as limited admin role it is always possible in the dashboard.
  • Social login with Google and Facebook. Configure the details required in the Settings in Admin dashboard for login with Google and Facebook to work.


  • Payment integrations with Paypal and Stripe.
  • Bank / Offline Payment option. Student can record payment and Admin need to accept it for manual payment to be credited to their account.
  • Credits based account. So students doesn’t need to pay individually while attending examinations instead they can top up their account and use the credit while attending the examination.
  • Profit and Cache accounts shown for admins. So admin will know what is the actual profit earned and how much cash received in the account.
  • Record payments to teachers. Admin can see how much Teacher has earned and record the payment in the system while making payments to the teacher. So admin will have a view of how much each teacher has to receive at given time.

Admin Panel

  • Admin dashboard for basic website configurations such website logo, title, Facebook / Google login related configurations and payment related configurations.
  • Feature for configuring lookup field values such as Subjects, Languages, Exam Categories etc.

Analytics Module

  • Built in admin module shows page by page navigation for visitors. So admin can see where users enter the website and when they leave.
  • Visit data is associated with user if the user is logged in. This way admin could send personalized messages if require.

Email Module

  • View of the emails sent out from the website
  •  Options to resend email, edit and resend email
  • Send email for user from the Email module manually.

Game like features (Gamification)

  • Student and Teacher leader boards display top teachers and students by Grade / Classes


  • The application uses light weight CodeIgniter framework 
  • Using an excellent caching mechanism for dynamically generated pages so that subsequent page loads doesn’t load databases.

Easy Installation / Configurations

  • Easy to install and configure database using installation wizard
  • Easy to do the post configurations in the dashboard for everything including website title, logo, email configurations, social login configurations, payment configuration.

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