Saturday, February 24

VASTU TIPS for office: This will happen if the boss’s room, Then always business will be increases

The person has high expectations from his office, every person wants his office to grow day by day and the office should have a different name and identity. The boss plays a very important role in every office. The office is completely in the hands of the boss. In this way, the boss has a big contribution in the progress of office. But sometimes even after a lot of hard work by the boss, the office is not running properly and the loss starts. The reason behind this may be Vastu Dosh.

According to Vastu Shastra, due to Vastu doshas, ​​the work of a person starts getting interrupted and the person does not mind the work. Today we are going to tell you some of the best remedies of Vastu, by doing which your office started progressing.

The direction According to Vastushastra, special attention should be paid to direction in the room of the boss. If you want the office to progress, then the boss’ room should be in the south, west direction.


If you have made a separate toilet for the boss in the office, then see if the toilet has not been constructed in the northeast direction. If there is a toilet in this direction, change it immediately.

Idol of god

The Lord’s room must have an idol of Lord Ji and keep the idol of God in the east north corner.