Tuesday, September 26

What Vastu rules say for good health?

You must have heard the saying that healthy body resides in healthy body. For this, along with improving your lifestyle, if some basic rules of Vastushastra are taken care of, then the family maintains a healthy environment.

1- The rays of the rising sun are very beneficial for health, it destroys the bacteria and germs of the whole house, so wake up in the morning and open all the windows and doors in the east direction, doing so will also bless the sun. In the afternoon, the energy waves emanating from the sun’s ultraviolet rays are very harmful for health. To avoid this, keep the windows and doors in the south direction of the house closed at eleven o’clock in the morning, because these rays were considered harmful to the body in Vastu.

2- Pregnant women should stay in a room located in the south-west direction. In such a situation, the bedroom should not be placed in the northeast direction, north east or igneous direction, otherwise there may be uterine problems. Similarly, for newborns, rooms in the east and northeast of the house are considered to be good in terms of health. The child’s head should be towards the east while sleeping.

3 – The bedroom should always be open and airy, failing which the person may have mental stress and diseases related to the nervous system. Also, blood pressure patients should not make bedrooms in the southeast as this direction is under the influence of fire element and staying here can increase blood pressure.

4- In Vastu Shastra, cracks and damping on the walls of the building is considered a negative condition. Long-term stay in damp areas can cause breathing and skin problems. Elderly members of the family should always stay in a room situated in the south west corner i.e. south west direction, their health will be good by staying here.

5- Arrange your cooking range or gasstove in the kitchen in such a way that your face is facing east while cooking. If the housewife faces north while cooking, she may be affected by cervical or thyroid. Cooking food facing south direction adversely affects the health of the housewife. Similarly, cooking food facing west can cause eye, nose, ear and throat problems.

6 – While eating, you should keep your face towards east or north. By doing this, the health remains good. Eating towards the south is considered taboo in Vastu and eating towards the west is prone to disease. Do not store old and useless items in the bedroom, it transmits negative energy, as well as keeping such useless things increases the chances of causing many diseases.