Tuesday, September 26

What Vastu rules say for home windows?

We consider the windows located in the houses to be the medium of light and wind, but at the same time windows bring happiness and prosperity in life. According to Vastu science, if the number and direction of windows in the building is correct, then it can bring light to life, if it is wrong, it can cause many problems.

While building a house, keep in mind that their number should be even – like 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. odd number of windows is not considered auspicious. Direction has also been set for windows in Vastu. According to this, it is considered beneficial to have windows in the east, west and north direction of the house. South direction is considered as the direction of Yama, so windows should be avoided in this direction. If it is necessary to make windows in this direction, then at least open them. Such windows will be auspicious

Always keep them clean and clean for auspicious effect. Try to have windows of equal size on either side of the main gate of the house, doing so completes the magnetic cycle and keeps the flow of positive energy constant. The larger the window size for air and light, the better. There should not be any kind of noise when opening or closing them, they increase negative energy. The east direction is the direction of Suryadev, so the windows should be more in this direction. Not only does the first ray of sun enter through the windows made in this direction, but with this light, it also enters the house. This gives the family members fame and progress. The north direction is related to Kubera, the god of wealth, by keeping windows in this direction, the deity of Kubera remains.

Keep these things in mind

1. Family members may face mental and physical problems if the windows near the gateway are broken, dirty or outdated.

2. Old windows should not be installed at the time of building construction, otherwise family members may face economic woes.

3. The size of windows should not be small at the time of building construction. It is considered inappropriate in Vastu.

4. If there is an electric pole, tower or dish antenna in front of the window then there will be obstacles in the career of the children. In such a state, put thick curtains on the windows so that negative energy cannot enter the house.

5. For pleasant and positive results, put small plants in pots outside the window. To enter positive energy, open the windows for some time every day in the morning.